Koolway Sports wants you to be satisfied with our product and to ensure proper sizing know your measurements. The coat is made to fit comfortably and fit with extra ease. All measurements MUST be done with client in wheelchair.


#1 Chest: place measuring tape around circumference of the chest under the arms. Allow for loose tape measurement
(Finished chest means the finished inside circumference of the jacket)

#2a Torso Length: In a comfortable sitting position, measure from top centre shoulder down the chest front to include 2-4″ onto the thigh. When only the jacket is worn it will look like a normal jacket

#2b Blanket Front: start from when you stopped on 2a: take the tape down the thigh, over the knee, down to the top of the foot or shoe across the foot to the end of the big toe or end of the shoe.

#2c Blanket Back: start when you ended #2b (tip of shoe), go under the foot or foot plate and measure back up the back of the leg to the chair seat or until you hit a support bar. Remember the blanket back can go around the leg frame or at the back of the legs.


#3 Back Length: start the tape just below the hair line in the centre of the neck (first vertebrae)..measure down the back to the desired length to fit the body and chair back type. Remember we are able to do a Koolway arched back so to not have extra material in the back area.

#4 Sleeve (arm) measurement: bend the arm 45-90 degrees…start the tape just below the hair line in the centre of the neck (first vertebrae)..measure across the shoulder, down the arm, around the elbow then to the wrist area. (Keeping the tape loose).




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