• Koolway Sports will be acting as the middleman between both parties including arranging all the shipping documents and pick up and delivery.
  • Your KoolKoat or Kool Product is still is good condition and cleaned BUT no longer fits or is no longer required…
  • This GIVE BACK program is meant as an Angel Gift of your product to someone in your country. (Canada or USA)
  • Please supply Koolway high res photo and the measurements and we will post your product on this page.
  • Once matched with a new owner, Koolway will arrange for Fed. Ex Ground to pick up from your location….
  • Your Give product MUST be washed and cleaned and boxed for shipping.
  • The individual receiving the gift will pay for all the transportation costs
  • If you wish another (Replacement) Kool Product then Koolway Sports will apply a very special discount towards your next order and offer reduced Fed Ex Ground shipping.



  • Koolway Sports will have no involvement of the sale between the two parties only the posting of the products for sale etc.
  • Anyone with a gently used KoolKoat or other Kool products in good condition can resell your product through this sight.
  • We will post a photo of your KoolKoat or product, (even a photo of your loved one outside wearing this KoolKoat) provide sizing, measurements, options and the retail at the original time of purchase…(Koolway might also be able to find your original invoice)
  • You the seller will set the target price and we will also publish your email address so that you and the interested party can deal directly with each other to make the sale work. ……your post will be removed once the resale is finalized.
  • All shipping will be between both parties.
  • Your product MUST be washed and cleaned and boxed for shipping.


  • So many families reach out wanting our products and ask us where to find funding solutions and we thought it would be Kool to put it out to the universe to see how people can help one another.
  • It’s all about the compiling story that will get the attention of others. This is not a Go Fund Me raising model.
  • You will be asked to write a story why someone you know really needs one of our KoolKoats and if possible, supply us a photo of the individual.
  • We will review your Wish application and set a dollar amount that is required in your country’s currency to purchase the Wish.
  • Individuals who wish to donate to your Wish campaign will have the opportunity to purchase a KoolGift Card at various dollar amounts. Koolway Sports will hold all the gift cards until your Wish amount has been reached.
  • Once your goal is met, we will contact you for a Zoom custom fitting and next steps.
  • Koolway Sports will work with you to ready your post, post on KoolWish, monitor the donations and close the donations door when the total has satisfied the original amount requested.












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